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the setters (english)
nästan ingen irländsk setter
almost no irish setter (english)

Ursula Wilby

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Breeder of Irish Red Setter

Röde Baronens Kennel

Breeding with soundness in mind and with emphasis on trainability.

Dog-owner since 1961
Irish Red Setters since 1975
Breeder of Irish Red Setter since 1984

First litter of French Bulldogs 2010

I am mainly interested of working with my dogs, rather than going to confirmation-shows, so my aim for all these years has been to breed dogs suitable for this purpose. Sound in body, easily trained, and friendly companion dogs.

Right from the start (long before this ever became a requirement)
all my breeding stock has had clear hip-scores (meaning A or B hips). All dogs have also been shown at confirmation shows with good results.

Most of my bitches have also had high qualifications when it comes to the obedience-ring and it is here that you will find three Obedience champions (FCI-rules) in a direct line. But apart from these three, there are of course others to remember…
Markants Cant Complain
(Emma 1980 - 1994) was my founding bitch and was mated to my own stud-dog Dorrfield Red Baron (Baron 1975 - 1989). In fact he was the reason for the name “Röde Baronens”, meaning Red Barons in Swedish. At that time I mainly trained my dogs without competing a lot, but Baron passed to second level obedience and both he and Emma were army-tested and passed.

(The "old" army testing in Sweden consisted of several tests to find out the dogs mental status. Tests included scent, hearing, differant scary objects like people dressed in strange ways and of course gunshots. You could either fail or pass. Failing in one small area ment you failed the whole test.)

Out of the combination Baron/Emma, I kept Röde Baronens Instant Karma (Banshee 1984 - 1993), another one that made it to class two obedience and was also army-tested and passed. Known in Sweden as the mother of a huge litter, that she shared with her mother Emma and made the national TV-news.

Watch the broadcast, click on the link below.


Another Baron/Emma puppy was Lp Röde Baronens She’s The Boss (Sandra 1986 - 2001). By this time I became a little bit more involved in competing and she got the first step of the obedience title. This is another one that was army-tested and a great dog to work with! Always tail wagging and happy.
She was mated to Wendover Warlord and became the mother of:

LP SLCH Röde Baronens Superman Big Sister (Winnie 1989 - 2003), the first Swedish obedience champion bred by me. But competed by her co-owner Olle Christiansson. She was also used for practical hunting. I mated her to
SV-92 Wickenberry Kestrel and out of that litter I kept:

Tjh. Lp1, Lp2, Lp3, Lp elit SLCH Röde Baronens Break Every Rule (Sally 1993 - 2006) so far the only setter in Sweden not only to gain the obedience champion title but also to become a fully trained and approved army dog. She also won both BOB and CACIB at shows. I think Sally would have done anything I ever asked her to do, and I for her. We were so much of a team. She was a once in a lifetime dog.

As they all are, I suppose.

Sally was bred to Reddins Patrik and I kept:

Lp1, Lp2, Lp3 Röde Baronens Bite Your Lip (Kelly 1997 - 2001). Kelly was ready for champion-obedience-class at the age of 3 years but had to be put down due to a failed operation of her anal glands. She was the most fantastic obedience dog I have had to date. Quick to grasp, fun to work with but unfortunately never got at far as being bred. I love all my dogs, but this one was ultimate in many ways.

Sally was also mated to Discovery´s X-cactly My Type and out of that litter came Lp1, Lp2, Lp3, Lp elit SLCH Röde Baronens Long Tall Sally (Ettan 2001 - ). Obedience Champion at the age of 5, having been busy with three litters during that time as well. The dog that ended up on the front cover of my obedience-book and was made to sit with the dumbbell in her mouth for almost 20 minutes. While the photographer and I waited for a tiny ray of sun to appear…the eyes that met you as you entered this page, also belonged to Ettan. It is also Ettan that sits with me on the beach.

Ettan was mated to Balintynes Wild About Harry and out of that combination, I kept LP1 Röde Baronens Glory Days (Vilda 2004 - ). Vilda gained her title in obedience class 1 summer 2008. The way I feel now, she will ONLY compete in class 1. Very few competitions, but with high enough points for Vilda to win the title of Swedens Obedience Setter 2008 and then once again in 2009!
  Vilda has had two litters so far, the latest with Coppers Bubblande Glad. 12 puppies born on the 10th of may 2009. Follow their first 8 weeks by clicking here!


My goal was three obedience champions in a row, and that goal was reached once Ettan became a champion.

I feel that I have proven that even a setter can be trained to become an obedience champion. But after all my years of training and competing,  I am lacking the desire and motivation to start the long climb to the top once again.

Here is the puppy that stayed when all the other 11 had gone to their new homes. Röde Baronens It Aint Me Babe = (Rusa).

The Border Collie will have to wait a little bit longer...

A few days before she turned 6 months, Rusa was shown in Malmö at the big puppy-show and was both BOB + Reserve in the gundog-group


©Copyright Ursula Wilby